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Historical Letters

Dive into the fascinating world of historical letters with Vintage Letter Co. Discover letters from history that reveal personal stories, historical events, and the art of correspondence. Explore our collection to gain insights into the past through the words of those who lived it.

Bridget Bishop

The First of the Salem Witch Trials

June 10 marks a dark day in American history, particularly in Salem, Massachusetts as it began the infamous Salem Witch Trials in 1692. The first victim of these trials was a local businesswoman named Bridget Bishop who was charged with practicing witchcraft and sorcery. Despite professing innocence, she would be found guilty and executed by hanging.… Read More »The First of the Salem Witch Trials

warsaw ghetto jewish resistance

Jewish Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Battle for Survival

On this day, the Jewish Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was crushed by the Nazi regime. This was a resistance movement organized by the Jews of Warsaw in a desperate attempt to stop the Nazis from exterminating the Jewish inhabitants of the city. Despite being badly outnumbered and having only a handful of weapons,… Read More »Jewish Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Battle for Survival

The Creation of Israel

The Creation of Israel

On this day in 1948, Israel officially declared statehood, becoming an official Jewish state within the Middle East. This move was met with controversy globally back then and remains a contentious issue today. This is due to many countries still not recognizing Israel’s legitimacy today and its use of statehood as a way to block… Read More »The Creation of Israel

End of Apartheid

On this day 32 years ago, Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa, becoming the first black ruler of the country since its colonization centuries ago. This was more than just a token move though and was seen as the official end to apartheid, a racist and repressive policy that had marginalized the majority… Read More »End of Apartheid

V-E Day

Winston Churchill’s VE Day

The 8th of May stands as a critical moment in history as this marked the official surrender of Nazi Germany to the Allied powers, bringing the end to almost 6 years of war. Celebrations were felt across the entire world from the Soviet Union to Great Britain. In the British Empire, the celebration was commemorated… Read More »Winston Churchill’s VE Day

Fall of French Indochina

On this day 70 years ago, a French garrison of nearly 12,000 French soldiers surrendered to a much larger Vietnamese army in Dien Bien Phu. This decisive engagement sent shockwaves across the world, marking one of the largest defeats a colonial power suffered at the hands of their subjects. For Vietnam though, it stands as… Read More »Fall of French Indochina

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