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About Us was born from a simple yet heartfelt experience of a New York City-based individual named Ben. One day, Ben received a letter in the mail from a close friend. This letter was infused with creativity and expressed through art, old photography, and the kind of nostalgia that makes us reflect on the sentimental joys of life. It struck Ben deeply, and he felt the undeniable impact of the timeless charm that a personal letter could create.

Inspired by this personal experience, Ben envisioned sharing that same nostalgic magic on a broader scale. He thought, “What if people could create and send letters with the same artistic look and feel as the one he had received, but with the efficiency and accessibility of the internet?” Thus, the concept for was born: a place where users could write and send vintage-style letters with artistic flair.

To bring this idea to life, Ben rallied his technology-savvy friends who were equally enamored with the concept. They collaborated on designing and building the site, envisioning a digital platform that could help anyone express meaningful sentiments through the nostalgic aesthetic of old-fashioned stationery.

Initially, they envisioned mailing physical letters using traditional postal services, but as the world evolved, they pivoted to a more efficient and environmentally-friendly digital model. Today, provides customers with carefully curated vintage fonts, envelopes, and backgrounds to craft beautiful digital letters that look like they’re from another era but can be delivered instantly via email.

We remain committed to helping people express themselves thoughtfully and meaningfully, bringing back the magic of letter writing with a nostalgic twist. Whether you’re sending a heartfelt note to a loved one, writing a whimsical message to a friend, or expressing gratitude in a creative way, is here to make your letters memorable again!

We hope that you and your recipients enjoy these letters as much as we enjoy creating them.

Warm regards,
Ben & Friends

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