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Dear Ophelia, I have sent yet another letter confessing my love...again. I know I had said that I was joking and I would be a fool to fall for you, but in reality I am a fool. I have stated in the past that you wonder things, but I know that you´ll never have to wonder that I love you. With my confession of love and lust towards you, I now ask that you forgive me of what I have done to your father, IT WAS A COMPLETE ACCIDENT. I had thought it was Claudis and stabbed my sword through
the drapes. If he wasn´t to be snooping, he would still be alive. I now wish you tell not a soul about both of these confessions. I hope you understand why I am keeping both of these confessions a secret to everyone but you. I wish my deepest condolences of the death of your father. One man has left your life and another one has entered, I promise to never leave your side.
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