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Dear Prime Corey/Average Corey fans, Today, is a sad day for this once great nation as we are unable to fight against this evil that has paraded this country in the past few days. These clown rebels have grew and their way of rule are not suitable or even thinkable for a prime Corey fan to go through so as a result we’re doing what’s best for our nation. We will give 2 days for all of our people and even Myles people to evacuate into neighbouring countries. We would recommend this be Kian or Noah as they will provide a safe
haven for our beloved fans.And to them, we cannot thank you enough. Your loyalty is unmatchable and still supporting the club whilst Clown Corey is playing is something you can’t buy. But we can’t take much more of this and as a result we will heavily nuke our country. No, no other neighbouring countries will be effected and one day we hope this inevitable wasteland will turn into a powerful country once again. I will abdicate to Kians great nation and once this evil is gone we will rebuild soon enough. GLORY TO PRIME COREY.
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