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Dear Tre, My sweet love, I've missed you so much. These past few weeks have not felt the same without you, especially not during the holiday season. I see you in everything I do. I think of you with every meal that I eat and every sight I see. If it were up to me, I’d have you hanging on a hammock with me, while talking about our future and watching the sunset. Believe me when I say I'm dreaming of having you here by my side. But nonetheless, it has been nice spending time with my family
and being there for my grandma. You know much she means to me, so it’s been really nice getting to show her how much I care. I can’t wait for the day that she gets to meet the wonderful man you are and learn all of your amazing attributes. I can’t wait for all of my family to see our love and can’t wait for you to be showered by love and warmth from my family as well. And one day who knows, maybe we can pick up travel positions for months at a time out in PR and live
on a beach house! My sweet baby, this distance, although so difficult, is something that brings our heart closer than ever. I feel the way you miss me, without you even having to express it and I know you feel my emotions just as much. I think of you all day long, even when we’re in the same state because I simply adore you. No distance in the world could ever stop me from getting to you my honey, you are my home. You are everything that’s right in this world and my soul will continue to fall in
love with you, indefinitely. I appreciate you so much for the understanding, patience, and unconditional love that you give me during this time. Thank you for understanding my late nights with family and times where it's really hard for me to stay awake late at night. Thank you for your unwavering support, for you're the reason I've gained all the confidence I have these past few years. Thank you for always protecting me, not only physically but emotionally. You know how in tune I am with my emotions and knowing I can count on you to help ease my
anxiety and fears is all I can ask for in a partner. Thank you for always providing for me as much as you can and showing me I can completely trust and depend on you with my life. There is no one else in this world that I know has my back the way you do. This is the love I've always dreamt of and stayed up late praying upon. I will never stop showering our love with blessings upon blessings. Though this island is beautiful, nothing will ever compare to the way I feel when I'm by your
side. This feeling has grown so much from the crush it was in 2021 and I thank God for it being able to grow into the love and adoration it is now. Here is yet another year together with my love. This 2024 season will be a moment of reflection of all we’ve accomplished together. May God bless us with strength, patience, stability, success, and an abundance of love for this new chapter in our lives. I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I will love you forever. Till we meet again my king. From, Your special lady
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