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The following tale is one of a great adventure- full of ______ journeys, ______ courage, and ______ excitement. We enter this _____ tale with the star of our show, the golden _____ herself: Paige the _____ Duhon. Our heroine will be setting off on her quest to conquer FOUR challenges directed by her Spirit Guide- Rachael The Chrome Crowley. Once she has completed a challenge, her all-mighty and wise Spirit Guide will acquaint her with her next quest, and so on and so forth until all four quests are completed. You may find yourself pondering the purpose of these quests,
well, my dear Reader- Paige the ______ Duhon must complete these challenges in order to be formally inducted into the Golden Year of her birth journey. If she fails to do so... CATASTROPHE. The Four Quests she must complete: - Rainbow Destruction - Deeply Succumbed - Twinkle Toes Twister - Ye Old Oferdrincere’s ‘ to drink or not to drink...' So, Dear reader, to which quest will our modern Heroine being her journey? (Please submit your request to the all-mighty and powerful Spirt guide: Rachael The Chrome Crowley)
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