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it's not a bad life, just a bad day. you just take a breath. in and out, repeatedly. and let yourself cool down a bit. you've had a lot of these times during our relationship, and trust me when i say, i learned how to handle it. it got to a point where you don't even have to tell me, i just know. and then i just think about what will my next action be and then hopefully you will be fine. i will probably pester you with questions but that usually gets you to tell me and lash out on me
and then sooner or later, you'd be fine. and it's alright. just tell me. i can handle it, i am a master of it now. lash out on me if that will make you feel better. i understand. i will always do. just don't shut me out. you also have this tendency to close yourself and not talk to me properly. just calm yourself a bit and then when you have, tell me that you need your space. because i will gladly give it to you (for as long as you come back, baby). and then, when you come back, stay
quiet or talk it out, just don't push me away. if i am here for the good times, then i am here for the bad times as well.
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