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My love Zyle, I've always believed that my life started with you. Ever since we've been together, I started to enjoy life and be curious about life and myself and especially you. I love how you always cause me to think about things. You changed how I view the world. Because of you I learned to enjoy the small things and things that I never would've find myself to enjoy. Reading books, finding clothes that would suit me, and daydreaming. I will forever be thankful that you're mine. No one else matters
to a man that has the world in front of him. You're my world, my moon, my star, my universe. I am nothing but a human admiring your beauty. I never intend to cause you to think little about yourself. Truthfully, you're the most amazing woman, no, person that I've ever met. And I'm not only saying this now, I've always thought of this ever since. Your beauty, your mind, your talents, your love of cats, your love for films and attention to detail. You're not like the others. You're perfectly you. No other woman can ever be you. That's
why I'll never be attracted to someone else. Whatever happens, you'll always have my heart. I'm only for Zyle. I love you my love. I love you then, I love you now. I love you forever. With love, Reniel
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