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Dear Friends, I am sorry for having to miss our scheduled meeting time however, there is both a true and a false reason for this. One of the reasons is because I overslept while the other is because I do not feel nor believe that I am ready to be not only back at the sect but around you all. I still view myself as a liability amongst the team and until I can find a way to control not only my new found temper but also harness my abilities to assist correctly I do not feel ready to return.
I would assume Lui-Tao is looking towards Xia right now with a look of slight see what you did? However, it is not her words that have caused me to make this decision. Also Song it is not due to yours either regardless how much you wish to take the credit. As for when I plan to return, that date is still up to determination. Yet I do want to guarantee that I will not be gone forever just for a little while longer. I hope the sect can find you a replacement medicine practitioner in the time while I
am gone. Now to specifically address each of you I have a few words… Lui-Tao think with your heart as well as your head. The team will need someone to balance the scale of morality with me gone. You need to be that scale. Along with that you need to be training not only with the staff but with your hands as well. Things like hand to hand combat would be good things for you if you are ever separated from your spirit weapon. Xia I would like to see you show more compassion and open up yourself to empathy and others
emotions. It is not always about the mission, it can sometimes be about the people that encompasses them. In addition I hope you have been working on your fear of water as most places I have visited quite like their water activities. Song. I hope you are doing well and not allowing others to get under your skin. In addition to this I hope the time with me gone from the group will benefit our relationship as friends so that we may actively hold conversation. To that extent I have been working on my communication skills and will continue to do
so. Thank you, Hao Ling
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