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Dear Master Levington, Thank you again for meeting so cordially with my choir and me. We much appreciated your men's displays of their true commitment to the Light of Olaram. I must profess that my trust was wavering even in such charitable benevolence from yourself. But for so many oaths to be sworn-well, to say my heart is calmed is the closest I can put it. As requested, I have set aside some religious ornaments for our Blades. I also thank you for being an intermediary in dealings with Viceroy Rosencratz. To have guard who more resemble our Lord's colours and message
will send it out true, as THE message. We are here to protect all. And the Blades of Olaram are our shining example of a light spearheading through the coming darkness. I have been glad for this time to focus. So much weight off of my shoulders. As I told you before, the burden of Titus' passing has been on my shoulders, and how it has lingered. I could not even bring myself to lead all his proceedings, only preside over his burial with the crypts. Dawn's Crest lies with him, though I doubt that I will be ready to wield
him. My guilt runs through me like a sickness for it weighs on me so... I am going to call for the sermon to be moved forward, as well as my swearing in as Bishop of the Church. And of course, my instatement of the Blades of Olaram. I would naturally like to take the opportunity to formally invite you to be sworn in as Captain of the Blades. I can think of no-one finer. Blessings be upon you, Reverend Tilbury.
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