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Brice Daratany Grade 9 US History January 17, 2021 Dear Professor Know it All, I agree with your claim that the roaring 20's were a time of great change. There are pictures from that time that help prove this. One of
them is a picture of a person next to a radio in 1920. This picture shows the change of how people got their news. In the roaring 20's, people were able to listen to the radio to get their news earlier. This was an important change that helped the population become more informed. There is also a soap advertisement that says your life could change if you buy more products. This advertisement shows the push to get people to buy more things and live a better life.
There is also a picture taken in 1920 of Loula Long Combs riding in a carriage(1920). This can be compared to a picture of a Ford Model T Taken by Jet Lowe in 1921. This shows the change of transportation and how people got to places. Lowe, Jet. “36. Ca. 1921 First Car around Lake Crescent. A Ford Model T Driven by George Lippert from Sol Duc Hot Springs. - Olympic National Park Road System, Port Angeles, Clallam County, WA.” Home, Vintage Advertisement for Woodburys Soap. Mrs. Loula Long Combs Revelation ..., Blue class 15. Photograph. Retrieved from
the Library of Congress, .
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