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Dear beloved, I'm going to disappear for at least 21 days, maybe more, maybe for eternity, who knows. If the new soul comes to this world, please give him/her my blessing of a Life filled with Love, Joy and yellow cherries. I'm sending these passages of the book "Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time" to you, but mostly to your parents. Intuition and love move me towards this unusual act, as I wish for your parents (and all humans) to have a more intimate relationship with God/Spirit/themSelves, and for you to be able to share with them your truths and
insights, to be heard whole and accepted and respected for who you are before their eyes. For that, I believe the book can meet them where they are and perhaps take them on a journey, if that's their soul's desire. Now, you do whatever you want with this. Freedom is Love, Love is Freedom. Follow your wild heart! With love, Fran
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