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20 November 2020 To : Moni First of all I wish you a happy happy birthday luv may all your wish’s come true . I just wanted to write you a letter saying that I don’t think you know how much I appreciate you and how meaningful you’re to me . your existence in my life is such a blessing . I swear to god you make me so HAPPY SAFED LOVED CARED you have always been their for me I could never pay you back for everything you did to me . you’re special to me . You’re the only one who
I can never get tired of talking to , bring down my mood without trying and affect me with every action of yours . I love everything about you , I love your crinkles when you smile your laugh your curls your chubby cheeks and your perfect personality . I don’t know what I did to deserve someone like you but I’m so grateful for that darling . Thank you for being YOU the way you make me feel happy and smile every seconds when I’m with you even if I’m not showing that a lot hahaha . I know
I say “ I love you “ all the time but I mean it with all of my heart . I’ve never loved and trusted someone this much . You’re the one who I’m afraid of losing in this world besides mama and dadio . As they said “ find a weirdo just like you and never let them go “ Your heart is to special to not be carried kindly to not be held like magic - butterflies rising All the love , N
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