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Where it all Re-ignited!

After sitting in my mind and my laptop, project Vintage Mail Maker was re-ignited on this ferry ride from Orient Point, NY to New London, CT (on the way to Westerly, RI) on July 16th, 2011. Where it all came back and got the fuel to get it going, this time give the idea a full shape and form!

As the ferry glided across the gentle waves, the salty sea breeze tousled my hair, and the rhythmic hum of the engines provided a soothing backdrop. It was as if the elements themselves conspired to breathe life into the Vintage Mail Maker project. The scenery, with its panoramic views of the Long Island Sound, seemed to whisper inspiration, urging me to transform my vision into reality. The journey became a metaphor for the creative process – sometimes, we need to embark on a literal voyage to reignite the flames of our ideas. With each passing nautical mile, the blueprint for Vintage Mail Maker took root, and by the time we docked in New London, CT, I was armed with a newfound determination to craft something truly special.

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