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Thank you all for Making the Launch Party so Successful

We had a blast. Approximately 30 people showed up for the launch party! And almost everyone who saw the application seemed to like it. The ladies in particular!
We are excited with the response and are looking forward to many incremental changes…

We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout at the launch party, with around 30 people joining us to celebrate this significant milestone. It was heartening to see such a positive reception, especially among the ladies who seemed particularly impressed with the application. This warm reception has filled us with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm for what lies ahead. As we move forward, we are eager to implement a series of incremental changes based on the valuable feedback we received. These refinements will help us enhance the user experience and address any potential areas for improvement. We are committed to ensuring that the application continues to evolve in a way that resonates with our audience and provides real value.

While viewing the website, tap in the menu bar. Scroll down the list of options, then tap Add to Home Screen.
Use Safari for a better experience.