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Excited about our Upcoming Launch Party – 5 days from now

As our self-imposed deadline of August 12th comes nearer, we are getting ever more excited to get things ready for the launch party. Woo hoo. So we have spent half of a great Sunday re-doing the arrangement of the living room and importantly setting up the shelves for the demo stations. And they haven’t turned out that bad!

As the days inch closer to our self-imposed deadline of August 12th, the anticipation for the launch party continues to build. We’re eagerly working to ensure everything is in perfect order for the big day. This Sunday was dedicated to transforming our living room space. We meticulously rearranged furniture and, of course, set up the demo stations with great care. The shelving arrangement exceeded our expectations, providing an organized and inviting space for guests to explore our offerings. The attention to detail has truly paid off, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for everyone to enjoy. With each passing day, we grow more confident that our launch will be a resounding success.

And to add a touch of vintage we brought out an old guitar and a really vintage rocking chair!

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