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Dear Dad, I am writing to you from the trenches of the Western Front. Life is tough and the conditions are miserable. The sound of constant gunfire and bombs exploding fills my ears, and the stench of death is overwhelming. It's hard to believe that just a few months ago I was at home, surrounded by loved ones. Every feels like a battle, and we never know what will happen next. I have seen good friends and brave soldiers fall to their deaths, and each passing day is a reminder that anything can happen. It's hard to reconcile this reality with the
world we used to know, but I am holding on to hope that this war will end soon. Still, there are moments joy and camaraderie in the midst of this chaos. We laugh and joke with each other, and we play cards and tell stories to pass the time. And I know that we are fighting for a cause, for our country and for a better world. Please do not worry too much about my love to all the family. I miss you all more than words can say hope to be reunited with you soon. with love, William Eve
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