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Well you don't know me . Of course you couldn't have since i wasn't even born when you were in your thirties(EVen if i was born earlier i guess it isn't possible you would know know me because we come form two complete different worlds). Sounds cliche ,right ? Ok , Of course I know you must have heard it a quintillion times but you were just ethereal in the 90s and still are (maybe?) . But everyone loves youth for it is the highest peak of the beauty , energy ,love and emotions it have . Ok , I
must say it's not the first time i have felt and seen someone so majestic like you but you are on top of the list now . I know i am in love with the version of you that didn't exist anywhere at any interval of the time . But maybe it just exists in my fantasy and gives me a little leeway from this cruel world( or a less cruel world now?). I know you are a kind spirit and i hope you continue to be happy and feel beautiful as always ... and once again i would say
you were just everything i could have ever hoped in someone i would like to love but someone i could never have come to have but still ... The possibility of you were better than the reality of anyone less . IT'S like WRONG TIME and WRONG PEOPLE with THE UNBELIEVABLE IMAGINATIONS ..... Once again wish you a very happy life .
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