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We were watching a movie while I was thinking of writing a letter to you. I know that This is been a while since my last letter to you. And I want you to know that nothing has changed about me. I am the same Mahdi and just for some financial reasons and having no experience of creating a life my mind was busy a little. But since I am good at learning and fixing things and I can handle challenges I controlled it and I promise I'll do my best to represent my best version to you. Things you
do for me makes me so much happy and they are really precious for me. And I appreciate them all and remembering those thing in day can change my mood. I really owe this feelings and moods to you. And I always try to compensate but it’s hard to compete love with you. And there also a notable point that I am a good competitor...huh...huh. Thank you for supporting me in every different thing in ma life and I know that you are the reason I promote in work, education, reading and a lot of other things. These days
I am really happy about the business that me and you are lunching. And I am highly eager to create your first close and selling it in your page. That would be definitely a wonderful moment. And I am sure that we will succeed in this amazing job. What makes me surprised and happy is that I never need to think a lot to write a letter for you because I have a lot to tell you. You know that I love you so much but pointing that over and over is beautiful for me. So I repeat that and
I tell you that I love you from the bottom of my heart. Love Mahdi
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