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I cant wish you as due to safar, lekin still my all wishes are with you. I wish you the happinesses of this world. Truly a person like you is itself a blessing to have and im blessed to have such realistic and honest friend who has been with me through all the ups and downs. I loved the way we handle this friendship and want this to last longer. I wish you all the success of life. I miss the days when we used to catch up daily but that’s fine even if contact in weeks months or
even after a year i know i can always always always count on you and the bond will always be the same. Whenever I remember our school time, i only saw you as my dearest and honest friend and still today whenever i be friends with someone i find a personality like you in them but its too hard to find more like you i have made in mind that you are the benchmark ?? because you are apparently one of one. For me you are more like a family a brother to me. I want you to know
that whenever you will call out me i m there for you. I know i m not as good as you are, but no matter wherever am i, i will be there for you! And you know i m not expressive of my feelings to abhi bhe I can’t even put into words like smjhou yar* im cringe* Ab bht achi batein hogayein zyada urna mt or treat toh mujhy milni nae hai i know plan bana humara mushkil hai toh khush rahou and stay the same??
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