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To the most handsome man I know, (Not to mention the most silly, funny, sometimes ridiculous, smart, caring, adventurous, and sexually appetizing man I know or have ever fallen in love with.) Randy, it is February! The time has flown by. When all the chaos settles I sit and think of what life was like before you left. And I almost can't even remember. But I do remember the moments of happiness with you. The moments we shared. Those times were some of the best I've ever had. It breaks my heart to see you so lost and not able to see
through all of the mess that has been created. I can only say that with time the storm will pass. The rain will stop falling on you, and the clouds will clear. The feelings of depression, sadness, anxiety, anger and betrayal will subside. It will all clear. And I will be here for you through every turn until you see that light. I am not perfect. I am far from it. I have made many many mistakes. I hope that you can see and feel the love I have for you. You are the most amazing man I've ever met,
or had the pleasure of knowing inside and out. You make my heart jump with one look, or one touch, or one silly remark or action. We share the same soul. and I believe that from the bottom of my heart. I was meant to walk into your life. And you were meant to walk into mine. Things don't always make sense. I have learned to be okay with that. You are a great person, Randy. Do not let the evils of the world bring you down. Do not let the hatred, scars, and actions of others shut down the
greatest asset you have.... your heart. You are my warrior. You are your son's warrior. Your family's warrior. We will never turn our back on you. We would never hesitate to stand by you when your integrity and character are questioned. If anybody does, they are not loyal. And if you don't have loyalty, you have nothing. I found a really neat way to write letters!! I decided I'd share it with you. Hopefully this will bring a smile to that beautiful face. but you still stink like ammonia. haha.. Life over here is strange right now. My emotions are
all over the place. I realized that as long as you're content and not panicking, then I am okay. I also find myself content and able to sleep, when ever you say I love you. Those three words are truly like my heart's comfort. They make everything okay. I can't wait to see you again. I feel like it has been so long. I have lost a great friend, and I long for the day to have you back. You are going to get through this. I promise. Love you, Your Princess.
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