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To My Dearest Journe: How long has it been? How long since I dared put pen to paper? How long since I’ve tried to express what lies within my mind? The absence of your laughter has left unfathomable darkness in my life. There are none but I to blame for it was I who sent you away, who cast you into a world far removed from our own.The pains I carry for how you were wronged weigh heavy on my soul, but things are not yet over. As I'm sure you've been made aware. The Blescede Inheritances have been frozen by my order. I
don't do this out of spite, but out of necessity.There is a story here, in this place, and it is one you will want to hear. Stories long and forgotten, and near impossible to believe. One might even call it a brand of madness, of deadly premonitions and age-old hatred. Come home, my darling child. Return, and I will tell you everything. Your Loving Mother, Forever & Always –– M. F. Blescede nee Emory
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