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To my beloved daniyal, In your absence i realized different things including being reminded of your value once again. I hope you're not taking it hard on yourself, my love, fight well. 178 days have passed since the war began and here i am still praying and hoping everyday for you to make it out safely and return to my arms quickly. Like every other day, i'm waiting for you like a fool to comeback, please be back. Without you my days have been mundane, my smile has lacked sincerity, my eyes have turned emotionless, and my heart numb. I miss
the intamicy of being raw about my emotions with you and vice versa. I miss tracing down your features with my fingers as you slept. I miss baking pizza together while having flour fights. I miss holding your hand under the table. I miss forgetting all my worries after looking into your eyes. I miss staring out of the balcony late at night and you joining me after waking up from your sleep. I miss you, i miss my home. Nothing has been the same since you left, nothing. I'm not even sure if this letter will find it's way
to you. I'm hopeless, hopelessly in love with you. Please come back now. Your lover, amna
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