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-The Secrets Of The White Lotus .The White Lotus was a well known organization that was well known for keeping the world in peace, but originally the White Lotus was a secret organization not at all known by anyone other than those within the organization. The White Lotus blossomed on the pure thought of maintaining peace and protecting man kind. .The White Lotus was established by Tonraq an ancient god well known for his pier but also known for his godly strength. .The White Lotus is 1 of 2 Lotus Organizations. .Each White Lotus member have their own ranks. Grand Lotus being the
top rank and able to send any White Lotus member into battle at any time, General Lotus being 2nd in command. They prepare the army and brainstorm the strategies .The White Lotus's goal was to maintain world peace and to do so they revealed themselves to the world but in doing so they planted a seed. A seed that would soon destroy everything they worked towards.
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