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Hello, my name is Jack hailor and I really need your help. On September 28th, 1921, I was sailing a cruise ship when we hit an iceberg and the ship started to sink. I swam to the nearest island and ended up on General Zaroff's Island Ship trap island. At first, I thought it was an abandoned island, when I saw a light house and started heading towards it. I met a man there, he introduced himself as General Zaroff that’s when I realized it was ship trap island. I heard talks about how sailors go on this island and
never come out. He was nice at first but one night we were talking about our hobby for hunting when he said, “I'm getting bored of hunting animals” and started implying that he wanted to hunt humans! He then brought up the idea of hunting me! “I'll give you three days. If I don’t find you, I'll let you go, unharmed. However, if I do find you... you don’t need to know what’ll happen then just yet” he said with a slight smirk. Three days have now passed. He's caught me every time I've tried to trick him. I'm now
hiding in Zaroff’s cellar, and I'm scared for my life. I'm planning on building a trap so I can escape. However, I don’t have the resources to build it. It'll also take way too long for one person to build an escape plan. Please help and write back to me as soon as possible.
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