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The City-State Proclamation This Proclamation is Issued by the Great Baron Artan Bloodfast V, and was co-mastered with the phenomenal penmanship of the Consul Virian Mordren, the 13th Consol of the Esserin District of the Torch of the Holy Fire of the Light under the Holy Sun. This decree pertains vital information and must be understood clearly, as a failure to comply will result in severe and swift punishment which will be decided in a co-counsel between Consul Mordren and the venerable Baron Bloodfast. All citizens of Townships that were negatively affected by the Great War, and who have now been
left without proper leadership, will be ruled by the nearest large city. The towns remain individual but their rulings will be made by a more just ruler. As an addendum, the townships must pay taxes in the form of viable goods and resources in order to speed the rebuilding of various towns. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.
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