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Sooo…… I’m just going to start this off by saying it’s almost your birthday and i hope you enjoy every second of it i mean it is your 18th you know so you better live it up ms ma’am. I want to let you know that you’re always gone be my friend 4l Iyanna like yeah i got you for real through whatever and whenever you need me you know i’m just a phone call or text away. Just want to say have a good day today and enjoy your weekend girl. Once again just saying that you can absolutely
make a mf day just by having simple conversation or just in general like you’re are such a kind generous soul and i love that about you Iyanna how you don’t let anything get in the way of your happiness, how you don’t care what others think, and MOST IMPORTANTLY how great of a companion. But just want to say that i love this bond we formed that’s like unbreakable in a way, also you deserve every blessing you have coming your way. Iyanna i feel like i can tell you hell of shit and not get judged because
that’s the kind of person you are you’re the most gentle hearted soul i know like who wouldn’t want a you in their and whoever don’t they FOOL asf. With that being said you know i love you ganger and i hope it’svice versa and i wish you many more years of hand many more birthdays to come ima be right there to t up with you hun. Have a good birthday love……. but don’t get too t’d now. But i got you when like i said yo.
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