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The second dream "You mean nothing, I will ,, see you turn rotten you pathetic filth, you defy me now but i will have your soul in the end, you fucking cunt, and you'll buy me the grandest army in all of the nine hells" I must gather my thoughts. I woke up in the night with terrible voices in my head. It was not the usual type of terrible. The voice usually urges me to do unspeakable things. It calls my wife a whore and tells me to rape and kill her. It tells me to burn my children alive.
I have been called names, but never like this. For so long, I have wondered why this must happen to me. But in my dream, he seemed angry. Frustrated, even. I am but a shopkeeper, perhaps her thought my soul easy to corrupt, and he was lashing out at me. I purely speculate, but it sounds as though corrupting me will make him rich in some way. An army? Why might this demon need an army? And why so desperate for one? I will continue to document what I can remember from these dreams. Perhaps I can speculate on more
information then.
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