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sharing myself again, scary cos i never thought. who knew what damage a couple of serial heartbreaks could do to you, who knew the number of doubts you'd feel about yourself meeting and mixing up with the wrong people. pea pea peaaaaa grateful for today, grateful for all the lessons and experiences, more importantly, grateful for you. I wish my life came smooth and easy. It's never been, but you make it worth it. i love you and thanks for redirecting me, and thank you for saving me. I'm here to make sure you never get lost.. i may not know the road
but I'd never let you walk alone.. i'd be here if you ever get scared and you need a place to feel home again. no matter what phase you popping into. i'm here to see you through it ,, i'd be here when you call, in your thoughts and in your arms whenever we get the chance, whenever you want. i'd be whoever you need at any moment. shit could get hard but never us... never dying, never fading.
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