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Riley. First of all, I forgive you for your transgressions. As will Sarenrae once you renounce this ridiculous groteus nonsense, fear not my child for you can always return to the light. You will be happy to know that through the might of Sarenrae we were able to fend off those cultists, thieves and brigands or whatever they were without your aid, albeit with some losses, but we captured their leader who continues to spot nonsensical lines and gibberish, she probably follows that groteus or some other farce of a god as well. I await your return to the light once
you've outgrown this groteus phase, then your true penance can begin. until then I shall take it upon myself to forge a path for sarenrae’s light to touch all so they can be brought into her embrace, perhaps this swath of untamed lands your now calling home will be a good place to start. Your Father, Bishop Plymouth.
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