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Regulus, I hope you have been well. I didn't mean to worry you and I suspect that the many letters you undoubtedly sent were returned to you by Marina, and for good reason. I have decided not to return to Hogwarts. While this was a hastily made decision, it was not a casually made one. I am continuing my education at Durmstrang Institute after a bit of consideration. The past few weeks have proven that it was the right decision for me. Durmstrang Institute has been a far more conducive
environment for my safety and continued enjoyment of my educational pursuits. I will keep in touch with you as often as I can and I hope to see you as soon as I can make the trip back to England. Have a good year and stay safe, Severus. P.S: If any teacher asks of me, you haven't heard from me since I left in September. Choose wisely who you want to share this information with.
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