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Dear Jude Dearest Punishment, Firstly, let me say that I will never grant you access to this letter. Perhaps I will throw it in the fire when I have finished writing this. Love Desire is a dangerous thing, especially in Elfhame, and I can have no one holding this over my, or your, head. I will not let them hurt you again. It has been colder here without you. The Bomb says it is because I affect this world and your absence left me with a deep ache somewhere in my body. I think it is because your fire –
the one burning in your chest – is not here to warm us all. Sometimes I miss your anger, even your sharp dagger against my neck is a feeling I yearn for. Are you aware you have done this to me? Have I done the same to you? Nicasia believes I was tricking you all along, that the kisses I gave you were lies upon your lips. They were the truth, for that is all that I speak, though I am unsure you will believe me anyway. She is by my side constantly and all I can think of is
how I dearly miss you next to me. I know I will see you again one day, my sweetest Jude, as you are my greatest love. Your king, Your Husband Yours, Cardan P.S I left you a loophole. I know how smart you are. Don’t let me forget it.
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