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On a personal note, the newest band of adventurers is proving capable, if not completely upstanding. Aside from keeping company with the rogue Seventh Night, they have also made acquaintance with that fiendish woman Louise. She is brash and reckless, but even I must admit that she has a certain panache that makes her likable. -- The local witchling being in the party will make my work tiresome. I know that her feline companion has followed me through the city on at least one occasion. I haven’t thought to confront Lorelei over the affront, but time will tell.. -- The cleric is haunted.
The spirit of his brother appears to follow where he goes, and it is yet to be determined if the spectre will become malicious. A better opinion may come from further observation, but I have little else to add tonight. I hope he can keep this band alive. -- Arranger is a quiet lad. An acceptable shot more often than not, and likes to keep his distance in combat as well as social interactions. -- The dragon-kin Eregos may appear mighty, but he seems to have quite the soft spot for inferior creatures, regardless of form, disposition, or plane of existence. His cohort
is equally likely to be a boon to the town as it is to become a scourge. I know to quite literally jump fully into his work.
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