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My love [Ume Abeeha Batool], I find myself lost in a sea of emotions, each wave carrying with it a surge of feelings that words alone struggle to convey. I will always be grateful to Pubg for helping me meet the love of my life, as it was the biggest factor in this relationship. Your eyes hold a universe of emotions, a canvas painted with the hues of your soul. In their depths, I find a reflection of your kindness, your strength, and the beauty that emanates from within you. They're like stars in the night sky, guiding me through moments of
darkness and uncertainty. With every glance, you speak volumes without uttering a word, and in their sparkle, I discover a world I never want to look away from. Watching you embrace your inner child is a precious sight to behold. The way your eyes light up with innocence and your laughter fills the air with pure joy is a reminder of the simple wonders. In your presence, time seems to stand still. We've shared moments that have become etched into my memory, like the brushstrokes of a masterpiece. I can no longer keep this truth hidden.I love you. The words feel both weighty
and freeing, a declaration of the emotions that have blossomed within me. My love for you isn't just a fleeting infatuation,it's a deep, abiding connection that I want to nurture and cherish. And lastly, a sincere thank you to Armeen, who is the only component of our current relationship. With all the love that words can convey, [MUDASSER ABBAS LAGHARI]
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