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Nathaniel, You sleep peacefully in your bed, while I cannot sleep at all. I fear falling asleep and waking to find you gone, of finding myself alone. I am sure this apprehension will ease with every night we spend together, until one night I will fall asleep in your arms, the sun will be out and I'll be still snuggled by your embrace. I had to go, love. One minute spent in total bliss and happiness is another minute of your community without protection. My biggest mistakes were when I was happy the most and I assure you, no one is
going to caught me out of guard this time, no when I have more to lose than I never had. Thank you, for giving me all the things I could only reach in my wildest dreams, it's been a surreal experience, it's precious. I pledge to norture our relationship as long as you let me. I retain an unalterable love for you, which neither time or distance can change, yes, I love you. Words never uttered or inscribed in ink by me to another living soul, but here they are... For you, and you only. Deidre.
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