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My Oliver, I pen these words with a heavy heart, as the torment of our parting weighs upon me like an eternal curse. Our time together, filled with teasing banter and tender moments, will forever be etched in the depths of my undead soul. Oh, how I longed for us to walk the shadowy paths of Barovia together, side by side, for all eternity. My desire to grant you the gift of vampirism, to share in the darkness of the night, was an offer I believed you would willingly accept. But your stubbornness, your insistence on clinging to your humanity and freedom,
tore at the very fabric of our love. Our love was like a finely balanced spell, powerful and fragile, and it crumbled under the weight of our conflicting desires. My anger, a storm of crimson fury, arose not from a place of malice, but from the anguish of knowing that I could not change your mind. Your freedom, Oliver, was always your utmost desire, and I respect that. I could not bear to see you bound in chains of immortality against your will. But let it be known, as angry as I am at this parting, I still love you, with a
love that transcends the boundaries of life and death. You are the light that pierced the darkness of my eternal night, and for that, I am eternally grateful. You saved me, Oliver. I will wait for you. Yours always, in this life and the next, Strahd, Duke of Barovia
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