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My dearest Shekinah Ysabel, Time flies so fast; last month we were only celebrating our anniversary. But today’s already our 13th month together. August was a memorable month last year. I remember the first time I saw you in person. You’re gorgeous as ever, especially with those precious eyes of yours. It’s also the first time I felt your warmth and touch. Little did I know that I'd look for it in my everyday life. August was also the month we became sure that we don’t just like each other; we love each other. Being sure was scary at first.
Knowing there will be consequences for every action and decision that we make. And being alone was scary, but with you, we both became fearless. Knowing the possibilities and a future with you, fear was never a thing. You taught me how to be brave in every situation and in every circumstance. And I like the feeling of bravery. I like being brave, scared, happy, sad, and even furious, as long as I’m sharing the feeling with you. For over a year, it was a roller coaster of emotions. But I always felt the happiest around you. Regardless of whether
you just make a funny joke, make a funny face, be silly, or do nothing at all, one of my favorite parts of our relationship is the way I get to know you more every day. Unraveling who you truly are to other people is not really what you usually do. But the fact that I get to see the rarest sides of you is something that I would never exchange for anything at all. Believe me when I say that you are an amazing person. Because no one would ever be as veritable, eccentric, thoughtful, affectionate, and charming as
you are. Everyone is lucky enough to have you in their life. But the way I know you, I definitely know I’m winning. I’m really grateful to have you by my side. To know the real you, the vulnerable side of you. Thank you for trusting me enough to be yourself around me. Thank you for constantly caring too much for other people, even if they don’t give back the same energy. Thank you for being a responsible family member. Thank you for going the extra mile just to meet a simple worksheet requirement. Thank you for always spoiling other
people, especially me. Thank you for being a great therapist friend and the one I trust the most. Thank you for never giving up on every duty you have, despite going through something. Thank you for being strong, my love. Thank you for every effort that you make. I know I always tell you that I’m proud of you because it is true. I want you to always remember that, just in case I won’t be here beside you to remind you that I am. I remember you telling me I was one of the earliest people to tell you
that I’m proud of you. And I wouldn’t want you to forget that, and that’s why I do my best to tell you that I am every single day. From the day I met you, I wanted to give you everything. Everything you lacked, and even everything you already had but needed more of. In exchange, your love has healed me to overcome all the underlying hurt that has built up over the years. You made me think of all the serenity in life. You made me want to live. Being with you means overcoming everything. Just seeing you happy
already heals me. I’d dance with you even if I’m not that much of a dancer. I’d let you check on me in every game of chess that we play. I’d eat spicy food and soup with you if you liked. I’d ride the hot air balloon in Cappadocia with you, despite my fear of heights. I’d let you choose the Polaroid that you want every time we take some. I’d let you spoil me, even if it’s too much sometimes, because I know how much it makes you happy. I’d remove the French fry filter for the rest of
my life, even though I like it, but you don’t. I’d let you do everything at all as long as it’ll make you happy. And keeping you happy has always been my job. I hope you don’t fire me because I love my job. Seeing the person I love most in her happiest state is more than I could ever ask for. I know that sadness is inevitable, but I hope happiness will still find its way to you no matter what. I’ll be here around the corner, holding your hand every step of the way. Happy 13th month, my
love! I will love you every day for the rest of my life, and nothing could ever stop me from loving you at all. Always and Forever, Lai
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