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My Dearest Olivia, You talk a lot and I think that makes you, you. It's beautiful to listen to you You've always wanted to know about me so here is a little snippet that demonstrates a few of my qualities. I am super enthusiastic, ambitious, loving, fun-filled and I leave it upto you to figure out the rest I do think we share quite a few similarities, We are both wearing Red at the time of writing this letter We talk a lot Helping people Hosting people at our places Love for our family. Meeting people Humming around randomly And the funniest of all, We are Mangloreans. You would like to know that I
have a very dynamic mind which is constantly thinking and working, this does cause me to take up many jobs, but not complete them upto their best mark. So, by nature I am just fast. Do not worry if you see me constantly doing things, I have developed this habit over the years. Thank you for everything you do for me, I always look forward to your video call. I hope you keep smiling as often as possible since it suits you well Jan 04 was the most amazing day of my life and it seems like it's just getting better. Sometimes when
I look at you I forget what I have to say. I will try my best to woo you and win you every single day. Warm and Cozy Regards, Leon Big Hug to you.
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