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My dearest Marina, Even as the village sinks, know that I will not miss it more than you, beloved. It means nothing to me any longer, these ruins of a life that will no longer be. You knew how hard it was to leave my people, but I would abandon them and more a hundred times over for just one more day with you. But that damned monster, Strahd. Prophecies he spoke of. Reincarnation. How he owned you. I will take the pleading look on your face to my grave. Your father and that priest knew this was the only way to save
you after he had already fed upon you twice. One more night would have meant your eternal damnation. While they faltered, my love for you would not allow me to deny you this request, and so to save you, I plunged this blade into the heart I so loved. You called me your song and always told me you loved me for the music I played for you, but I can sing no longer, so I leave this with you. I shall return to my people outside Vallaki for now, for there is nothing left for me here. Eternally yours, Your song, Leslie
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