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My Dearest, Many moons have passed since I last looked upon your face, and many Monday nights I have sat in despair and desolation wondering when we may reunite. So long it has been since we last shared a laugh over rivers past, and looked towards the morrow day in gleeful anticipation of rivers future. But hark! Monday night is nigh! I forsee a joyous reunion. Let us meet tonight in Robo Basement at 9 pm to jest as we used to. Let us share tales of the rivers we paddled over winterim. What's more, let us speak of the times to come!
Of the pool roll sessions and feeds that will warm us through these trecherous winter months! My dear, I do hope that I may see you there. I simply cannot wait to see your face (whether it is familiar or not, because all are welcome to Ledyard council!) Ledyard Council Tonight, Monday at 9 pm Robo basement xoxo, LCCVPJP
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