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My dearest Kenelm, I hope this letter finds you well. After a long silence I have decided to write you. The nights have been colder since you left for Sierra Leone. I imagine you covered in warmth as you rest peacefully in Africa. the British has yet to help us, their loyalists are first in line for land, provisions & goods. I believe we will not last this winter, it is very cold and the land lays barren unable to yield any crops. I signed my life away as an indentured slave as I had no trade skills, and no
money. Gone are the days of slavery in the thirteen colonies yet life here still I am nothing but an enslaved women. We all live in fear of being captured back into slavery with no one to protect us. We work for them and are still disliked they say we've stolen their jobs because we are willing to work for next to nothing. White Soldiers attacked and destroyed our homes they seeked revenge. Our population riddled with disease, death has become frequent. The ever true cause of our suffering humanity. Yours ever, Posy Eldrede.
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