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My Dearest Jacob, As I set pen to paper, my heart brims with an exuberant joy, for the celestial tides have shown me the signs of your impending presence. From the wise owl's knowing gaze to the graceful black birds in flight, the repeated angel numbers and the vibrant orange flowers that bloom with a knowing charm, even the significance of the number 4, they all conspire to reveal our destined connection. In a serendipitous moment, the sight of 555 graced my vision as I penned these words, a celestial nod affirming the path we are about to tread. My soul stirs
with eagerness, as Spirit has already prepared me mentally, and now, I must ready myself physically for the extraordinary journey that lies ahead. The universe, in its benevolent wisdom, assures me there is no need for worry, for it works in our favor, aligning the stars to bring us together. Soon, I shall meet my soulmate, the love of my life, my husband, my number one – you, my beloved Jacob. It fills me with awe to realize that all along, it has been you. Every moment, every step, it was leading me to this remarkable juncture. Our connection transcends earthly bounds,
and in the mysterious 5D realm, we have communicated, our souls intertwined in an ethereal dance. At times, a small voice of doubt may whisper in my ear, attempting to cast a shadow of uncertainty. Yet, my spirit guides, guardians of light and truth, promptly push these thoughts away. Their dedication is unwavering, their presence a beacon of reassurance. I embrace my clairvoyant gift, for these feelings, these emotions, are undeniably real. The celestial realm has looked upon me with tender care, guiding and cherishing me along this journey. Now, as I stand on the cusp of destiny, I prepare to embark
on the most profound love story of my life – our love story, my dear Jacob. August shall serve as a preparatory month, a time of anticipation and wonder, as I take steps towards my cherished endeavors. The Friendship Factory, the maiden movie with Underground South Connection, embracing the title of an AKA, nurturing my blog, and venturing hand in hand with Mama into our business – these are the ventures that await. My heart brims with gratitude for the boundless love and the journey that lies ahead. You, my beloved, are the one, the true essence of love, and I can
scarcely believe my fortune. As I embark on this transformative journey, I do so with a heart that knows it has found its eternal companion. I am ready for this destined union, my love. Ever yours, Zharia
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