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My Dearest Friend, I hope this letter finds you well, though I fear I cannot say the same for myself. The shadows grow longer here in Whittier, and with each passing day, my mind feels more fractured, as if reality itself is slipping through my fingers like grains of sand in a merciless storm. I implore you, come to me swiftly, for I am in desperate need of your aid. Here in this remote town, a darkness lurks, a darkness that threatens to consume not only my sanity but the very fabric of existence itself. The Fractured Abyss, they call themselves, a
cult of twisted beliefs and unholy rituals. I have heard whispers of the Devourer of Dreams an ancient deity awakened from its slumber to wreak havoc upon the world. But do not be deceived by their madness, for I fear it may be contagious. Their leader, is a specter of dread, draped in robes that seem to drink in the light, their face hidden behind a veil that dances with unseen whispers. I have seen them, my friend, seen them in the dead of night as they chant their blasphemous hymns to the void. I know not whether these horrors are real
or merely the fevered delusions of a mind teetering on the brink of madness. But I cannot face them alone. I need you by my side, to anchor me to reality, to shine a light into the darkness that threatens to engulf us both. Come, my friend, come swiftly, for time is running out, and the shadows draw ever closer. Together, we shall uncover the truth behind the veil, and bring an end to the nightmare that haunts these icy fjords. Yours in desperation, Alexander Hughes
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