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My dearest Barnabas, I hope that this letter comes as a great surprise. I discovered a wonderful company that allows me to send a letter in the old fashion. It is my hope that this pleases you, darling, as I know that it has pleased me. I hope you will give my love to Kissi, darling that he is, even if he still finds me objectionable. I also hope, my love, that you will adore this as much as I hope you will. It is rather novel, is it not? On that, my love, I must apologize for my lack of letters
proceeding this one. Rest assured, my darling Barnabas, that there will be many more letters to come. I will also provide you with the company that has enabled me to send this letter. I imagine you will be wanting to make great use of it. I'm afraid I've quite run out of room on this page, my dear, so I shall end this letter here. I hope my words bring you deep joy, darling. Warmly and fondly, Your Jonah
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