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My Dearest Amelia, This war is tiring. This damned country hasn't even lasted for a century, yet we are already at war with one another. While I do believe that it is unfair that the South has slaves, giving them a labor advantage against us, I find it pointless to fight against our own people. I understand that they are not a part of the Union, they used to be a part of the United States, and it is ridiculous that we are fighting a war over slavery. Why do we
have to fight for the sake of others instead of for ourselves? Why can't African Americans simply fight for themselves? I shouldn't let this war get to my head, I know that African Americans do not deserve to be slaves, but this war has messed with my brain. I have missed you and the kids so much, and I cannot wait to come back home to you. Thank you for taking care of them and the home, it must be difficult to keep everything up all my yourself. Your dearest husband, Octavian
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