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My Dear Friend Edmund, thou art finding me well indeed and I hope I'll find thee so as well. How could I refuse a quest with such an honorable goal. A task of retrieving this legendary item does not present itself on the regular and so I shall heed thy call and answer it with all haste for I would not be a dwarf if I'd refuse a treasure or the call of a friend to whom I am bound by loyalty. How I have dreamed of the day where my people can be safe from the dragon fire and no longer any
child needs to cower in fear. I will depart on the morrow and shall meet with thy loyal agent Thramdat on the 17th Durin Day 3323 of my people's age. I will see to the succes of thy mission myself, yet unknown and potentially dangerous my companions and the journey ahead might be. With the most admiration a dwarf can offer a dear friend, Grombryndl Kindheart Son of Brayn, Son of Bror
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