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My dear Ana, It has been an adventure through these months with you. As ive been on these jobs, i can not help but think of you, Although I try my best to stay focused a present in my daily practice I cant help but see vision of you dancing in the atreets of europe leading us down the street to your favorite shops and spots, Waving to neighbors and village folk going by as they wish us a happy day. We'd meet characters and although im not one to get involved in such matters, I cant help
but think that id get lost im the fun of helping others in their life along side you. The way you invite and explore others worlds is inspiring! My imagination takes us to incredible places and I dream tonhear your insights and views on so many forms of art that we see along the way. I want to see how you grow and change with your environment. Mi amor, I hope this finds you well today. I will stay on my pursuit to do my best work for our future and life we will have,
My imagination gets the best of me in these days as I get through them. As tave myliu! Vidas
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