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Dear mom, I hope that you and Pa are doing well. This war has been nothing short of brutal. I just finished my first battle. They are calling it the Battle of Belleau Wood. The French retreated from the German offensive, but my division anchored down and held their push. We then counterattacked their position and eventually overtook them. We did however suffer massive casualties. Many young Americans lost their lives in just this one battle. This war destroys men. shells rain down from the skies throughout the day and the night. Men don thousand-yard stares. Bodies coat the battlefield, producing
a strong smell of death that hangs over the land. The men who leave the trenches are horrific. They are sickly, wounded, and broken. They are less man and more zombies that do what they are told. Before I left I remember that the NAACP was trying to promote the rights of blacks. I hear that they have an entire division of black soldiers in the war, but they are not letting them see the front lines. My division is getting redeployed further north to break the stalemate. I hope to write you back soon
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