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July,13 I finally told Steven about my feelings for Conrad, he did NOT take it well, he started screaming at me that he thought I saw Conrad as a “brother” and that how could I be so immature about it and I was so mad at his reaction. July 14, I am STILL mad at Steven, because he does not support me, and that's NOT okay. He does not know how I feel, he didn't ask me when I told him what I felt about Conrad, and I know he's mad that I did not want to tell him because I KNEW that
he would freak out just like he’s doing right now, But I couldn't keep lying to him, because he's my brother and I care about him too much to let this keep moving and evolving before I tell him about it. July 24, After some LOONG days of not talking to my brother he finally said that he was okay with me dating Conrad, he said that he understood my feelings. I am sooooo happy, so now onto the next chapter. What will happen?
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