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January 13, 1961 Dear Suzie, I am writing to you from the middle of literally nowhere. You would hate it here. You would not believe what these “Congo '' people wear…Their children are “dressed up in the ragbags of Baptist charity or nothing at all. Color coordination is not a strong point here. Grown men and women seem to think a red plaid and a pink floral print are complementary colors.” (43) They have no schedule or means of time, so I have no clue what day it is. I have a feeling it is gonna take a long time to
convert these people to chrsitianity, as “my sister, and me, our mother, and Mama Tataba being the only females in attendance.” (47) The people who live here: the congolese, are so creepy, all they do is stare at my family, and I(mostly me). I mean I know I am pretty, but they act like they have never seen a white person before. I feel like an animal in the wrong habitat. There are so many extra things we have to do for food, and water, so we don’t get sick. “All I want is to go home and start scrubbing
the deep-seated impurities of the Congo out of my skin” (178) everything is going downhill, Ruth May and my mother are sick, I am now “in a fake promise in marriage” to a guy named Axelroot. “I am filing for adoption” (268) The only good thing about him is that he gave me my first kiss, and my first cigarette.(336) Since Ruth May is sick, all of us siblings have to help her. Also Leah is driving me crazy. She has fallen for a school teacher, and now has a bow and arrow, and hunts. You would not believe it.
My father has had many opportunities to leave, but won’t take us back, even when his family is sick, and dying. SOS. Send help please if you get this. My life could depend upon it. Please help, Rachel Price
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